About Us

We are highly qualified with university degrees and many years of experience in teaching, who love our maths and like to help others to learn it. When the students are finding maths difficult that usually means they did not understand some basics. How can one build a multistorey building if some of the floors are missing? Our step by step solutions reinforce the concepts needed to answer the questions.


We understand that you may be finding remembering everything you learned difficult. We have >memory improvement exercises which will help you to develop your memory by working various parts of your brain. We suggest that you include 20 minutes of physical activity into your daily busy life, to learn and remember better.


There are a lot of free resources on our Expert Math Tutoring website. If you want to have access to all the exercises, our newsletter, tips on how to study to get best results, how to best answer a question under exam conditions, be able to correspond with us or chat with others who use our website, you can subscribe with a very modest subscription fee. However, if you don’t want to pay anything, you still have access to all the free resources.


Our forums are strictly supervised and unsuitable material is removed. The persons who do not respect others, use unacceptable language or post offensive material are barred from the forum and must show cause why they should be readmitted. I was stressed, overworked , somebody else using my subscription behaved in that way, etc. are not acceptable reasons.


We wish you all the success in your studies. ENJOY the Expert Math Tutoring Website.